Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jesus in the small things...

I am a mommy of five.  I am a wife, a homemaker.  I am a baker and cake/cookie decorator and own and operate a small home business.  I am a part-time pre-school teacher, I love to coupon, I love to sing (and music in general)...I love Jesus.

Sometimes my  life becomes overwhelmed with all. the. things.  All the things that I am.  All the things that I do.  All the things that I have.  All the things that I don't.  All the things that I am not.  All the things that I don't do (but maybe should)...I have thought about blogging several times over the years, and I have been told several times that I need to blog about our crazy chaos, our beautiful mess...I tried to blog once.  It was more about baking than family, but regardless I simply could not keep up with it...yeah it's been 3 years since I posted on my sweet little blog - I know I must be crazy to attempt it again, but somehow I feel like I have stuff that needs to be said.  If not for you, than for me.

  An outlet is depserately needed to plug in all of these mommy-isms and hopefully they will compute into something...something that makes sense?  So I feel that this blog.  THIS little blog may be a little about all the things.  All the things that I love, all the things that I don't love...just life.  But more importantly, seeing Jesus in the small things.  Finding Him amidst the chaos...inspite of the chaos.

 Realizing that there may be something wrong with the floor, but thank God that we have a house and a roof over our heads.  Our AC may be on the fritz, but thank God we have one at all.  My son may very well be sleeping underneath a wall of boogers (yeah.  I just discovered this tonight.  its' pretty gross...) but thank God he has a nose to pick???  I'm still working on the details you see, as He leads me and teaches me...and I have still so much to learn, and feel so inadequate...but I thank God that He doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called...because this momma is in over her head for sure!

 And so, like a crazy person, I am laying it all on the line - putting myself out there...because I definitely DO NOT have it all together.  And I'm guessing I'm not alone...So, neighbor, welcome to the crazy!  Welcome to life with 5 children underfoot.  I love them!  But they are making me crazy lol,..welcome boogers, and tears, and bath nights and "please stop eating your toenails," and welcome to "allowing your picky kids to have a sandwich for dinner tonight beause you just can't take another argument about why they need to eat their vegetables," and welcome to my life, it is not perfect, but I am striving to find Jesus in the small things, because I know that we were created with purpose and destiny, so no matter how crazy my life may feel - I know that it is significant, and so is yours <3

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